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Greetings from the CEO

BLUE MEAL will always try to keep faith and trust.

The secret to the delicious taste of Manghyang Spicy Noodles, carried over half a century, lies in the affection of customers who visited us from faraway places and our commitment to preserving our unchanging taste. Manghyang Spicy Noodles aims to take a leap forward and get closer to customers. Instead of focusing on profit making, we would like to come up with more systematic, stabilized management to maintain the deep affection enjoyed by “Manghyang Spicy Noodles” for a long time. You can now find Manghyang Spicy Noodles at a nearby location and enjoy the unchanging taste made by an old friend. We promise to be a trustworthy company that continues 50 years of tradition.

CEO of BLUE MEAL Ha, Wol-Yeong