Corporate Identity

Two circular whirlwinds symbolize nature and empathy, cleanliness and purity. These symbols show how the corporate spirit of BLUE MEAL achieves perfect harmony of nature and trust. The two whirlwinds also symbolize the harmony of nature and land and harmony of human and nature.

The two circles created by the whirlwinds lean against one another and spread out into the world. This CI represents the strong energy of a future global company.

  • 블루밀

Exclusive Colors

  • PANTONE 2728 C
    C100 M70 Y0 K0
    R15 G50 B150
  • PANTONE 2728 C
    C100 M70 Y0 K0
    R15 G50 B150

About the CI/BI

Brand Identity

The mindset of Blue Meal is to keep tastes of tradition without any fabrication. The mindset explicitly expresses trustfulness and confidence of Blue Meal for creating true tastes by using fresh and neat materials from the nature with traditional cooking skills.

The BI consists of two components; a typographic watermark and a visual symbol.
In other words, the BI consists of "Calligraphic fonts of Manghyang Bibim Guksu" and "Shapes of Spicy Noodles and Chopsticks," which will be utilized as a mean of all of company activities hereinafter.


Typographic Word Mark

In selecting the type font to express Manghyang Spicy Noodles, we considered boldness and reliability. This font has the most basic and simple shape among many font types, gaining customers’ trust by showing the confidence of Manghyang Spicy Noodles.

Visual Symbol

To embody the concept of “trust and sincerity,” we needed a symbolic expression to emphasize spicy taste, naturalism, confidence, and reliability. Accordingly, our visual symbol was designed as a simple and direct embodiment of the brand concept.

Brand Colors

There are two primary colors of brand signature: dark green and bright red. Dark green represents ingredients from nature, neat taste, and trust. Bright red expresses clean ingredients, passion for taste, spicy flavor, and bright future.

  • PANTONE 343 C
    C91 M55 Y85 K24
    R0 G87 B62
  • PANTONE 1788 C
    C12 M88 Y91 K24
    R227 G637 B342