We will be your reliable franchise partner
from planning to opening.

Success Strategy

Support for Successful Stores

  • Selection of optimal location by experts to secure stable sales
  • Support in cooking and store management of beginners
  • Creation of stable profit through various sales support systems such as hall and delivery sales

Taste and Quality

  • Maintenance of taste and freshness through cold chain system
  • Simple cooking system that does not require a chef
  • Popular items loved by everyone
  • Establishment of an advanced, safe logistics system

Store Management

  • Systematic store management and guidance by a supervisor
  • Operation of a clinic service for stores with poor performance
  • Marketing consulting to maximize sales
  • Reward system for outstanding franchisees

Differentiation Strategy

Store Support System Prioritizing the Benefit of Store Owners

Our professional supervisors provide assistance to aid in the systematic store management and sales of franchisees, including sales, marketing, cooking, and service training.

Professional education is offered so that beginners do not have any trouble managing a store.
  • Provision of cooking education and recipe (5-day cooking practice)
  • Theory education (2-day on-site theory education by a professional instructor)
Our open supervisor system consisting of hands-on workers provides on-site assistance.
  • Professional supervisors support franchisees to stabilize store operation in the early stage of startup.
Clinic for Stores with Poor Performance
  • Stores with poor sales performance are diagnosed to find solutions and promote the profit of store owners.
Popular and Core Menu for Profit Making
  • We came up with a popular and core menu to ensure stable turnover and profitability. We try to keep the menu simple to ensure competitiveness and convenience.
Establishment of an Advanced, Safe Logistics System

We deliver safe food that can be trusted by customers through our logistics system.

Maintenance of Freshness Through Cold Chain System
  • We keep our products fresh at all times by utilizing our cold delivery system.
Scientific Cooking System
  • We have reduced the cost drastically by supplying all ingredients and products safely, simplifying the cooking process, and minimizing the loss rate.
Strict Sanitation
  • We produce safe food through strict supervision and inspection.
Press Release and Marketing Strategy

Our press release, marketing, and PR strategies expand brand awareness and customer base, translating into consistent sales and high profit.

Brand PR through media
Online PR using the Internet and website
Brand invigoration through startup and business fairs
Agency PR such as startup lecture and professional consulting

WIN-WIN Strategy

Taste, price, menu, know-how education, low labor cost, interior design