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Profit Analysis

Opening Expense

For 165m2 (unit: 10,000 won / excluding VAT)

Classification Details Amount Remarks
Franchise fee Right to use trademark and brand 3,000  
Deposit Performance guarantee 1,000 Refund for cancellation of franchise contract
Education fee Menu and store management education fee 300  
Interior Interior, kitchen facility, chairs, and tables 6,000 120/3.3m2
Kitchen equipment Refrigerator, freezer, sink, etc. 1,500 Expenses are subject to change.
Supplies and fixtures Refrigerator, freezer, sink, etc. 500 Expenses are subject to change.
Signboard Front, protrusion (6m, 3m) 500 Expenses are subject to change according to size and number.
POS System POS, monitor, terminal, etc. 200  
  • ※ Separate work – Exterior work, electrical work, gas piping, septic tank, air conditioner, water and sewage, hood, etc.
  • ※ Details are subject to change according to the circumstances of each store.
Profit Rate Analysis

For 165㎡

Classification Amount Rate(%) Remarks
Daily sales volume 1,400,000 100  
Monthly sales volume 42,000,000 100  
Sales cost 12,600,000 30  
Gross profit 29,400,000 710  
General administrative expenses Labor expenses 6,000,000 14.30  
Light and heating expenses 2,000,000 4.80  
Overhead expenses 1,000,000 2.40  
Rent 5,000,000 12.00  
Total 14,000,000 33.50  
Operating profit 15,400,000 36.50 Credit card fee, pre-tax profit
  • ※ The values above are examples.

Franchise procedure of Manghyang Spicy Noodles for successful startup


Store Contact and
Checking with Head Office

  • Checking of commercial district and location
    (Checked within 2 weeks)

Approval of Head Office

  • Opening of franchise store determined by the head office
  • Confirmation of disclosure document and franchise contract

Negotiation on Store Opening

  • Interior, facility work, etc.
  • Negotiation on the store opening process

Contract Signing

  • Signing of franchise contract after the lease contract
  • Renewal of contract every 2 years after the initial 2-year contract

Interior and
Facility Work

  • Site inspection and supervision


  • At least three persons, including the store owner
  • Education period : 1~2 weeks of practice
  • To be repeated if educatees fail the test or show an insincere attitude

Preparation and

  • Final inspection on preparations through store management simulation


  • Official opening of franchise store and registration of store information on the website

Follow-up Management

  • Periodic inspection of the store by the Inspection Team of the head office
  • It takes about 30 days after the signing of franchise contract until opening.
  • The store owner must select a location appropriate for the target customers and obtain the approval of the head office before signing the lease contract and franchise contract. The store owner is required to receive education in person.